Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Visitors to Lantallack

Just thought you all might like to see a typical day at Lantallack and with feathered visitors and what not!

Rooks at 5am in the Hay Meadow - what's the saying?? 'See crows, them's rooks.  See a rook - tha's a crow' other words, rooks are generally in a 'parliament' and crows on their own!
Getaway from it all at Lantallack

The view across the valley at midday

This chap is cheeky and pinches all the peanuts from outside the kitchen window - we've nicknamed him 'Cyril'

This too is a greedy chappy...but we love him - see how he doesn't just eat the nuts, he has just about demolished the feeder!

Okay, this is just one of the several swarms of bees that we have had to deal with this is amazing to watch them march into a newly prepared hive...

We took about 60 lbs of honey this year...we'll be putting them to bed in a few weeks, making sure that they have enough stores to last them through the out for my bee blog!

Can you spy this visitor in the middle of the water lillies?  He's very fond of looking at himself in car mirrors....guess?

Can someone tell me what this is...I think it may be a Hawkmoth, but not sure??  I found it in the tunnel amongst the tomatoes a few weeks ago.

And at the end of the day the sun goes down....

and down.....

and finally sinks behind Padderbury Hill - the iron age hill fort on the opposite side of the valley.

And then we all go to bed....this was a harvest moon in early September

          ....happy days at Lantallack.

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