Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Worry, Bee Happy :)

As quoted by our expert bee man, Trevor:

"I have seen many hives this summer that have started the same as yours, and I must say your hive is copybook. You should be proud that you have achieved such a strong hive to go into the winter!"

Well we are now happily handling our bees with a 'good and steady attitude' are some of the latest pictures, notice the shine on their bodies. Shiny bodies = healthy bees = yummy honey!

Mrs W in her green gloves with Mr W holding some of the brood!

Buzz Buzz Buzz!
Mr W trying to spot his Queen

Can you spot Sophia, our Queen Bee?

I see honeycomb

And just to mix the Birds and the is a picture of some swallows, currently nesting in our dairy...hope they grow soon and fly to warmer climates before the winter comes:

Swallows about to leave the nest (tis late for September)

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