Thursday, October 21, 2010

The First Frosty Morning of Autumn

Well, autumn is definitely here, but it felt like winter this morning at -2 degrees (according to Alan the gardener!)  The beech tree on the front lawn is shedding its leaves like mad and beech nuts are littered all over the grass.  It will soon stand like a majestic skeleton overlooking the valley.

The orchard was white with rime and I had to return to the house to pick up some gloves or my fingers would have dropped off!  The hens stepped gingerly out of their house rather than pushing each other out of the way to get to at their food, as usual! 

 The newly born calf seemed unperturbed and snuggled down into the frost as if it were some splendid duvet - his coat is already woolly and thick.

His mother is one of 8 cows that are ready to calve.  The black one on the left is about to pop!

 He has a mate - they seemed to like the cold and frolicked about in the crisp air.  I need to give them names ....suggestions please?

By the time I reached the bottom of the valley, I was frozen, but the sun was coming up above the trees as I looked back up towards the house.

Polly's Bower nestled amongst the trees and looked so inviting - wished I had time to stay there for a week!

The tables seem like a room extension outside...they're great when there's a wedding on - would like to see a marquee here at Christmas.  Now there's an idea - perhaps a party!

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