Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas One and All!

Well Jack Frost and his gang certainly turned up today...Lantallack dressed for winter!  The birds are emptying the peanut holders daily...wrens, tree creepers, chaffinches of every kind, the lesser spotted woodpecker with his pink trousers and the ubiquitous robin, who guards his territory ferociously...the poor old blackbird, who can't quite make it to the feeders, waits anxiously for any bits to drop to the ground!  (In all honesty, we give him his own stash under the apple tree in the walled garden) Lastly, the resident pheasant has his own huge corn feeder by the back door and fights off any marauding sparrows that try and steal a tiny morsel.
Oh the joys of the countryside - Merry Christmas everyone!!

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